Midas Care announces nutritionist to help employees this year


Midas-CINLeading Cambridgeshire-based care agency Midas Care Ltd has announced the introduction of a top nutritionist to their team.


Eddie Halls has been a personal trainer for five years and specialises in nutrition.  She will work with Midas Care employees to help improve their health and wellbeing this year.


Midas Care is one of the leading care agencies in Cambridgeshire, employing more than 90 Support Workers plus an administration team.


As one of the largest home care providers in the region, they currently deliver over 22,000 home visits a month.


Eddie plans to give key information and handy tips on eating well and exercising each week, to aid staff in keeping an active and healthy lifestyle alongside working hours.


She hopes her advice can benefit the whole family, by introducing healthy meals for less money, which are also easy to prepare to fit around busy work schedules.


Eddie said: “Working with Midas Care is a fantastic opportunity to reach a group of employees whose work lives don’t fit in easily with mainstream health advice.  Working in care can be physically and emotionally draining so making a few changes to diet and exercise can make everyday life easier and happier.”


“Over the course of this year I’d like to introduce some basic nutrition ideas to guide employees towards more healthful meals and eating habits as well as suggesting some easy to follow exercise routines.  Each week I’ll be tackling a different topic and offering some simple solutions to make life better.”


These topics include starting the day right with breakfast, good snacking versus bad snacking and how to exercise more without paying out for gym fees.


Matt Sumner, managing director of Midas Care said: “We understand our staff work unsociable, sometimes long hours so we wanted to do something this year to help their general health and wellbeing.”


“We believe staff will work better if they are taking care of themselves in terms of diet and exercise, and this will lead to them being happier at work.”


Eddie plans to help staff kick their bad habits this New Year and get the most out of their health and vitality


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