Labour announce plans for the NHS and health and social care-Comments

Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham
Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham

With 100 days to go to the General Election 2015 Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham announced plans to reform the health and social care system today;

“Joining up care from home to hospital,” is the party’s mantra and it is in tune with the policy aspirations of many health experts and think tanks. Labour is also focusing on ending the “15-minute culture” which sees hard-pressed and sometimes underpaid social care workers unable to do enough for elderly people on their home visits.



Alzheimer’s Society Head of Policy and Public Affairs George McNamara said:

‘Today’s proposals add to the increasing consensus across the political spectrum that an end to fifteen minute stopwatch home care visits cannot come too soon. It is vital that sufficient funding is made available to avoid the crisis in social care becoming much worse.   Many of the proposals set out by Labour today address the failures of a fragmented health and care system that people with dementia are only too aware of. Too often those with the condition are falling between the cracks of an outdated, rigid system.

We support the drive to person-centred quality care delivered through one health and care system that works for an increasingly ageing population. However, that’s not enough. With one person developing dementia every three minutes in the UK we need to see all parties commit to a National Action Plan to set out how the UK will tackle dementia.’

Colin angel of the UKHCA commented;

”UKHCA welcomes the importance placed in Labour’s proposals to help people meet their health and social care needs at home with sufficient time to meet their needs and the urgency placed on increasing the capacity of the homecare workforce.
“However, recruiting additional workers is of limited long-term value unless government address the serious underfunding of homecare services.  Whether councils or the NHS commission these services, they must not do so at rates which create inadequate terms and conditions for essential members of the workforce and severely affect worker retention.”


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