Care England responds to CQC proposals to raise registration fees by 9% for adult social care registered providers

Martin Green
Martin Green

Care England responds to CQC proposals to raise registration fees by 9% for adult social care registered providers


Care England is opposed to this significant increase for providers in the light of the continued extremely difficult financial environment, in which LA and CCG commissioners are not able to recognise and amend care fees to meet the increased costs of providing good quality care; and bearing in mind that the changes in CQC methodology are yet to bed down and therefore CQC will not be able to measure the value of the new approach effectively until 2016 -17.


Professor Martin Green OBE said:


“We support the direction of travel within CQC and will continue to support the move to a more focused and transparent inspection regime. The changes to inspection for ASC have only come into effect however, and have yet to deliver consistently and over time. Until such time as the changes can be properly evaluated we do not believe there is a reliable basis for fee increases.”


Martin added:


“44% of ASC Directors felt, in the ADASS 2014 Budget survey, that care providers are facing financial difficulty and ASC and CCG commissioners have been unable to ensure their own care fees, paid to providers, reflect provider costs. In other words the full cost recovery CQC aim to achieve from providers for the cost of regulation is something providers cannot expect from their public sector funders.”


  1. Martin’s comments focus on 8 things with which I wholeheartedly agree:
    1. CQC not proven yet
    2. Raising fees by 9% across the board is not fair.
    3. Council reductions of 26% in funding.
    4. Extra burden of the NMW, workplace pension contributions, and regulatory changes. Cost of utilities, food and staff wages have all increased. Increased staff costs for nurses and for nurse recruitment
    5. Deductions are part of the system of which CQC is a part, so it cannot base its decisions divorced from the reality of the structure it works in.
    6. Social care gives greater return than the other 2 sectors of CQC inspection.
    7. CQC’s budget as a proportion of the value of the services that it regulates, is flawed when it comes to adult social care. There is no way to represent the true value to society of what we do.
    8. Hospitals are backed by the Treasury in the end – social care providers are not.
    9. Care England is proposing flexibility to pay their fees in instalments and CQC has not acted on this proposal at all.


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