Britain’s eldest care home resident dies aged 114


Ethel Lang-Care Industry NewsEthel Lang, Britain’s oldest person, a resident of Maria Mallaband Care Group’s home Water Royd House nursing home, in Gilroyd, Barnsley, has died aged 114.

Mrs Lang, who lived to see six British monarchs and 22 Prime Ministers, became the UK’s longest-surviving person after Londoner Grace Jones died aged 113 in 2013.

Born in 1900, she was believed to be one of the last two living subjects of Queen Victoria.

Mrs Lang, who was born in Barnsley, was the youngest daughter of miner Charles Lancaster and his wife Sarah.

She was born when Queen Victoria was still on the throne and the Marquess of Salisbury was Prime Minister.

In 1922, she married William Lang – a young plumber and the only son of Barnsley Councillor Thomas Lang. One year later, the couple celebrated the birth of their daughter, Margaret, who is now 89.

Mrs Lang was widowed when her husband died in 1988 and lived independently until she was 105, when she moved into a Barnsley care home.

Her main hobby was dancing, which she enjoyed until turning 107. She was also a keen snooker fan and her favourite player was Jimmy White.

She had worked as a dressmaker and was described as “an excellent seamstress”. She never smoked and rarely touched alcohol. She was a good cook, made her own bread and always ate wholesome food.

Genetics were on Mrs Lang’s side; her mother died aged 91 and, when her family tree was traced, a family member found ancestors going back to the 1700s who all lived long lives.



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