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With care homes receiving a bashing from the media this week it’s good to see the BBC have taken time to show how life can be a good care home. From the BBC website;

‘It may seem a trivial thing – but to Eastlake Care Home manager Linda Grout, it is important.

“We have 52 residents, but my staff make sure that every one of them has their clothes washed separately. It would be much easier to mix them all in together, but I think about what I would like if I was here. It is all about providing personalised care. This is their home after all.”

Her care home – part of the not-for-profit Anchor group – is situated on the outskirts of the Surrey village of Godalming.

The day really begins at 07:30. That is when the care staff arrive and go through what needs to be done. The residents with hospital appointments or other engagements are prioritised.’

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