A & E crisis not due to shortage of residential care home beds


Care-homes-guilty-of-sub--007 (125 x 75)Over the past few days, there have been reports about how the current pressures in A&E are partly a result of a shortage of care home beds.


Commenting on this, Professor Martin Green OBE, Chief Executive at Care England, said:


“For a number of years, independent care home providers have been offering the NHS increased capacity, in order to deal with the pressures that the health service faces over the winter months. These offers have been repeatedly ignored and it is no surprise that A&Es once again find themselves overstretched.”


Martin continued:


“A broken payment model, in which money flows into the acute sector at the expense of the rest of the health and social care system, has allowed the needs of individuals with complex conditions to escalate to the point at which they have no choice but to present at A&E. The only way in which the cycle of crisis can be stopped is through streamlining primary, acute and social care, and I look forward to the day that all of the rhetoric surrounding integration is translated into action.”



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