Fitness Levels And Events In The Social Calendar On The Rise At Springbank Gardens


Bield-Care Industry NewsResidents at Springbank Gardens in Falkirk are getting the chance to feel fit and healthy in body and mind thanks to a new exercise class.


The weekly gentle exercise sessions were initially started in the summer of 2014 by a keen volunteer, looking to provide the residents with a chance to increase their fitness and mobility.


Unfortunately, when work commitments resulted in the volunteer becoming unable to attend Springbank, the owners were suddenly left without an instructor, causing the class to be cancelled.


But with the arrival of a new resident, Chris Watt, who used her prior knowledge of gentle exercise techniques, the weekly sessions have been revived.


Carrie Aitken, Development Manager at Springbank Gardens, said: “We have witnessed fantastic participation since Chris first started the classes in July, with around 12 residents taking part each Tuesday morning.


“The exercises are very accessible and the residents leave feeling energised and healthy. The benefits really are enormous and go well beyond simply increasing their fitness levels.


“The classes are hugely popular with the residents, who have found them to be a real social occasion – plus it has directly led to other social events, with a weekly games night now taking place every Wednesday night, and a sing-a-long event now taking place once a month.


“This snowball effect just goes to show how beneficial the classes have been, for some of the residents it was their first time socialising within the development – and now their diaries are full of a varied mix of events.”


Springbank Gardens in an owner occupied development managed by Bield. Bield is committed to improving the lives of older people by offering a range of housing, care and other services.



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