Festive shopping made easy with a true ‘store-to-door’ experience at nursing home


Fremantle Trust-Care Industry NewsChoosing and buying Christmas presents for family and friends can often be difficult for older people living in care homes, so local nursing home, Lewin House, partnered with Tesco Extra Broadfields supermarket to bring the Christmas shopping experience to residents.

Lewin House, run by leading care provider and local charity, The Fremantle Trust, has seventy residents and this was a lovely opportunity for them to choose, for themselves, the gifts they wanted to buy for their families and friends.

The supermarket brought in a wide range of festive gifts, including selection boxes, tins of sweets and biscuits, toiletries and spirits, as well as a large selection of Christmas cards and wrapping paper.

Bringing the store shopping experience to Lewin House was a major hit and resident, Sue Seymour, (picture attached) said: “It was such a relief not to have to battle the elements to do Christmas shopping for my friends and family. I’ve been so looking forward to it and I even picked up a few treats for myself.”

The Trust’s leisure and lifestyle manager, Sue Faulkner, added: “It can be difficult to take all the residents Christmas shopping, so this was an inspired way to bring the annual shopping experience directly to them. Everyone really enjoyed the day and residents took advantage of the opportunity to prepare for the festive season! We are very grateful to Tesco for helping us to make the event such a huge success.”


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