ExtraCare wins top award medals


ExtraCare 1 -care industry newsFive ExtraCare Charitable Trust Retirement Schemes and a Retirement Village have collected a record number of medals at the Elderly Accommodation Counsel’s (EAC) National Housing for Older People Awards. The six locations won either Gold or Silver Medals collecting the highest number of awards at the prestigious annual ceremony which was held at Doncaster Race Course.

The successful award winners were:

Camoys Court – Stoke-on-Trent: Best Overall UK Housing Scheme (any size or type)

Brunel Court – Wolverhampton: Gold Medal, Best Housing With Care Scheme (30-44 homes)

Yates Court – Evesham: Gold Medal, Best Housing With Care Scheme (60-99 homes)

Broadway Gardens – Wolverhampton: Silver Medal, Best Housing With Care Scheme (45-59 homes)

Lark Hill Village – Nottingham: Silver Medal, Best Housing With Care Scheme (over 100 homes)

School Court – Hednesford: Silver Medal, Best Housing With Care Scheme (30-44 homes)

ExtraCare’s St Dominic’s Court in Stoke-on-Trent and Princethorpe Court in Coventry were also highly commended at the ceremony.

More than 3,300 residents from nearly 300 specialist housing schemes helped choose the award winners in a unique process overseen by the national housing charity for older people, The Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC).

The residents scored their location on a variety of statements relating to both the quality of the property and the care, support and general sense of well-being they enjoy there. They evaluated their accommodation on the basis of location, building quality, their own apartments or rooms, services and lifestyle.

Madge Ball, a resident from Camoys Court (voted the UK’s overall winning scheme) said she was delighted with the award. Speaking about life at Camoys she added:

“Camoys is fantastic and caring, exactly what it is supposed to be. The staff here are very special people”

Win Forbes, a resident from School Court (a silver winning scheme in Hednesford) added:

“It’s as though God had some spare angels and dropped them down on School Court – that’s what we think of the staff. They are wonderful. It’s also a small, intimate place and we all know each other.

“My children are thrilled I’m here and joke that these days they have to book an appointment if they want to take me out to lunch – I’m so busy because there’s always something to do!”

ExtraCare Charitable Trust Chief Executive, Nick Abbey, said: “We are grateful to the many residents across the Charity who have taken part in these prestigious awards and honoured that eight of our Schemes and Villages have received awards in their category or been highly commended.

“This outcome is a real tribute to our hard-working colleagues who do so much to create and support the inspirational communities that enrich the lives of our residents.”

EAC Chief Executive, John Galvin, underlined the importance of the Awards: “They continue to convey a strong, positive message about the success of retirement housing and housing-with-care, and also to celebrate the fact that provision is becoming more diverse.”

Legal & General, who have sponsored the event since their beginning in 2010, welcomed another year’s Awards Ceremony: “We are glad this year to welcome another large contingent of the residents of housing for later life. They are at the centre of the EAC Awards helping us to understand what makes for good retirement housing.”


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