CLS resident gets VIP treatment at the Moss Rose


CLS-Care Industry NewsA resident at CLS-run Ingersley Court received the red carpet treatment recently when he was invited to a game at the Moss Rose Stadium, as a special guest of Macclesfield Town. Life-long football fan and former referee Allan Pemberton was delighted with the chance to get to a game, having last attended a match in 1945!


Staff at the home in Bollington were thrilled when the club offered free tickets for a resident to attend one of their home matches, and footy-mad Allan was the obvious candidate. Now 89, Allan was a referee for the amateur leagues for most of his life, and as such was never able to get to a match on Saturdays or Sundays. His trip to the Moss Rose was his first to a football game in almost 70 years.


Allan was incredibly moved by the generosity of the people at Macclesfield Town, commenting: “I had such a great day at the Moss Rose. Josh and James from the club made sure that I was well looked after. There was no queuing whatsoever, and they got me my tea at half-time. It was fantastic going to a game after all these years. Both teams played very well, and I thought the Macclesfield Town goalkeeper was especially good.” A PE teacher for over 34 years, Allan has always been involved in sport. During his football coaching days, he even got the chance to lead a team into a Schoolboy’s International tournament at Wembley.


James Wallis, Community Officer at Macclesfield Town FC Community Sports Trust, spoke of Allan’s visit to the ground: “It was great to get Allan to the Moss Rose for the day. Helping Allan achieve one of his goals of seeing a football match again after 60 years was a great feeling. Allan is welcome back anytime, especially after a convincing win by Askey’s men”.


Allan was accompanied to the game by Ingersley Court care worker Marc Torson, who also got his ticket for free from Macclesfield Town. Marc commented on the trip to the Moss Rose: “Allan just loves sport, especially football. When we had the chance to take a resident to a game, we knew we had to take Allan. It was so generous of the club, and Josh and James were brilliant. We couldn’t have asked for better treatment.”


Home Manager at Ingersley Court, Jennifer Jones, commented: “I would like to say thank you to Macclesfield Town for providing the free tickets. It is so important that our residents get out and about regularly, and we simply couldn’t fund trips to the football by ourselves. The club has been a huge help and we are very grateful.”


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