Brookdale Care announce Chief Operating Officer


Mark Goldsborough - COOBrookdale Care have announced that Mark Goldsborough has been appointed Chief Operating Officer.


This new appointment reflects the strong drive and determination to ensure clients and stakeholders throughout Brookdale’s robust care pathway achieve real outcomes.


Mark’s career in health and social care spans 36 years working with diverse client groups within the statutory, third and independent sectors. Prior to COO, Mark managed Milton Park Therapeutic Campus for Brookdale, before working at Brookdale, he held three director level appointments within social care, specialist education and mental health fields.


Mark believes that a therapeutic environment should never be a static entity but one in which the service constantly evolves to best meet people’s needs, industry expectations and the organisations own aspirations.

Mark is passionate about delivering innovative care to those with highly complex and challenging needs and providing staff with the support they need to make this positive difference to people’s lives. He is delighted that as COO he gets the autonomy to design and deliver services alongside a very talented clinical and therapeutic team.


On his appointment Mark Goldsborough said:


“When a person is in crisis, it’s good people supporting them that makes all the difference in helping them through. In turn these people need the structured support and training to enable them to succeed in what is a highly skilful and intense job. No role is more dependent on the integrity of the individual than the person who provides that care.


My role is to remove all barriers to make this happen, ensuring that our service delivery is wrapped around each individual. In our political world of shifting sands, the one constant that matters is that of our service users experience, only the wearer really knows where the shoe pinches.”


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