People with learning disabilities enjoy inclusive marketing masterclass


John Delivers Dolphins Den Workshop-care industry newsPeople with learning disabilities were given an inclusive marketing masterclass, as part of an innovative project which aims to inspire them to create their own businesses.

John Hughes, Communications and Marketing Manager for the national social care charity Community Integrated Care, delivered a workshop session to fifteen members of Dolphin’s Den. Dolphins Den is a project that is operated by the charity Thera Trust, which supports people with learning disabilities to set up their own businesses or community projects by developing their commercial skills. It was established by Andrew Bright, who has a mild learning disability and works as Thera’s Service Quality Director.

John, who is a Chartered Marketer, delivered the fun and interactive workshop to members of the group at Preston Town Hall, on 28th November. Through presentations and activities, the group reviewed what marketing is, the qualities of successful brands and how they could promote their own businesses. He was joined at the event by Danielle Chan, also a Communications and Marketing Manager for the charity, who supported members during activity sessions.

Community Integrated Care’s in-house Communications and Marketing Team oversees external promotion of the charity, and internal communications with its colleagues. They have been recognised with a host of prestigious awards for their work, including being named the 2014 Chartered Institute of Marketing In-House Team of the Year.

John says, “It was an incredible honour to work with members of Dolphins Den and help them turn their business ideas into a reality. This project is a fantastic way to inspire people with learning disabilities to fulfil their talents and passions, by creating successful and sustainable businesses. Dolphins Den proves that having a learning disability should not be a barrier to people being part of mainstream society, which is something that is core to our values at Community Integrated Care too.”

Dolphins Den creator, Andrew Bright, says: “Dolphins Den participants learned about the importance of marketing their own businesses, through fun and exciting activities, delivered by an expert in the field – John Hughes. Learning about marketing has never been so much fun! The session left a mark on these participants and will help them to move further forward with their own businesses.”

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