NHS Confederation responds to CQC guidance on openness and transparency

NHS Confederation-Care Industry NewsRob Webster, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, said:
“We must ensure that we retain the confidence and commitment of the public to the NHS. This means we support anything that will enhance transparency and build a more open culture – while making sure those responsible for neglect, abuse or poor care are held accountable for their actions.
“Our members tell us that recruitment practices for both executive and non-executive roles are of a high standard, with most of the fit and proper person requirement (FPPR) already covered so we hope a proportionate and risk-based approach has been developed. The Duty of Candour guidance must be seen as an enabler in the development of a culture of openness when things go wrong and when reputations and lives are at risk. I believe there is already a strong and shared set of values for cultural change in the NHS and with supportive leadership and training, NHS staff should be able to raise patient safety concerns. This will also require a balanced and clear leadership approach by each of us. Alongside the CQC, we will always support transparency, candour and openness as a lever towards excellence and must constantly reinforce the purpose of this approach.”


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