Dutch mental health care company visits The Huntercombe Hospital Roehampton


Arkin, a prominent Dutch mental healthcare provider, has met with adult mental health care professionals from The Huntercombe Group’s hospital in Roehampton to gain insight into best practice from one of the UK’s leading mental health care providers.


On Thursday 6th November, representatives from Arkin were taken on a tour of Huntercombe Hospital Roehampton and met with the company’s senior management and clinical team to discuss quality compliance and assurance, data management and clinical outcome markers.


Explaining the reason for their visit, Wencke de Wildt, Medical Director Jellinek at Arkin, said: “In the Netherlands, the available health budgets for mental health services are decreasing. This trend requires us to redesign our service, with a greater focus on evidence based treatments, quality outcome measurements, shorter treatment options and a strong market positioning. By meeting with organisations such as The Huntercombe Group we hope to challenge our thinking and become more innovative in the services we currently provide.”


Valerie Michie, CEO of The Huntercombe Group added: “We’re committed to best practice in adult mental health and Arkin’s visit to Roehampton has been a collaborative learning process for all. Sharing our respective insights and understanding allows us as health care providers to constantly reinvent the way we look after our patients.”



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