CMG empowers the people it supports to become more involved in community life

Lukas Kokolas getting some advice at the Employment Zone.
Lukas Kokolas getting some advice at the Employment Zone.
Wilson Barros, Kane Messenger (CMG staff member) and Carl Johnson.
Wilson Barros, Kane Messenger (CMG staff member) and Carl Johnson.

Individuals supported by CMG were inspired to become more involved in every day life in their communities during the leading provider’s annual Service User Conference.

Following suggestions made by CMG’s Service User Parliament – a group of individuals supported by CMG who are elected to represent their peers – it was decided that this year, the annual Conference would have more of a focus on helping individuals find a job, take up new hobbies and gain formal qualifications. As well as taking part in the usual talent show and art competition, people were also encouraged to visit three different zones where they could find information and get advice on what they can be doing in their local areas.

In each zone, people could get advice from CMG staff on the options available to them. For example, in the Employment zone CMG’s Pure Innovations Employment Officer, Andy Wasley was on hand to talk over the different types of jobs available to people. Several were inspired to look for work and Andy will be supporting them over the coming weeks and months to help them find the right the job.

At the Sports and Leisure zone, each individual could find out exactly when and where activities were taking place near them – giving them opportunity to pursue their newly found passions.

In the Education zone, people had the opportunity to learn more about the qualifications they can obtain. All of the individuals CMG supports are encouraged to take ASDAN courses should they wish to. The courses give individuals skills which allow them to live more independently – from helping them to prepare for job interviews to enabling them to use public transport.

Peter Kinsey, Chief Executive of CMG said:

“The Service User Conference is always a special event as it brings together all of the people we support under one roof. This year was even better because people could take away something from the event.

Whether it was inspiration to join a new sports club or being on the path to find a job, it was great to see everyone going home with a fresh purpose. We look forward to supporting them to achieve their goals over the months to come.”


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