Bupa Care Homes Mark Remembrance Day


Remembrance day-care industry newsBupa Care Homes across Scotland have paid tribute to Remembrance Day by hosting a tea and crafts afternoons.

Claremont Care Home, in Ayr, organised their event on Sunday 9th November to honour Remembrance Day, which marks 100 years since the start of World War One.The home held a crafts making afternoon where residents had the chance to create their very own poppy tributes.

Later on, residents and staff gathered to watch the Remembrance Day service on TV and participated in a reminiscence afternoon with tea, cakes and refreshments. The home also plans to create its own memorial tribute in the garden, using the poppies hand made by residents.

Carol Barr, Manager at Bupa’s Claremont Care Home, said they wanted to make sure the home honoured the 100th anniversary appropriately.

She said: “Remembrance Day is always a landmark occasion for our residents but this date was more poignant this year as it marks 100 years since the start of World War One

“We wanted to create an event that allowed our residents to pay tribute to the occasion as actively as possible.”

Bupa’s Quayside Care Home, in Glasgow, organised their event on Saturday 8th November to honour those who lost their lives in previous World Wars. The home held an afternoon tea party with wartime themed food and refreshments for all residents. A film from the era was also shown for residents in one of the homes spare rooms – redecorated in a 1940’s style.

Victoria Manor Care Home, in Edinburgh, organised their event on Wednesday 12th November to honour those who lost their lives in previous wars. Residents and staff gathered together at the home, and were provided with drinks and refreshments.

Balcarres Care Home, in Dundee, organised their coffee morning event on Tuesday November 11th.



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