Alzheimer’s Society responds to HSJ Commission on Hospital Care For Frail Older People


alzheimers-care industry newsThe Health Service Journal  has today published the findings of its Commission on Hospital Care for Frail Older People. The Commission’s central conclusion is that hospitals and commissioners shouldn’t rely on Government plans for greater integration between health and social care as a solution – they must and can take action now themselves to tackle the problem.

Responding to this, George McNamara, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at Alzheimer’s Society, said:

“People with dementia have very individual levels of need and want to experience personalised care that is both safe and effective. We know that hospitals are not often the best places for them and more funding is needed for care and support at home to avoid prolonged hospital stays. Although challenging, improved integration of health and social care will deliver better outcomes for people with dementia. It should not be about saving money but about spending the combined health and care budgets to greatest patient benefit.”


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