When care and support goes beyond home care


caremark barnsley-care industry newsA Barnsley care provider stepped in at the last minute to help their 94 year old client attend her granddaughter’s wedding.

Home care providers may offer a broad range of services including personal care, shopping and cleaning.   Yet this is only a portion of the valuable service that many care companies provide.  Very often companionship and support services area also available to enable their vulnerable clients to access their communities, visit friends or attend family occasions.  Without this facility, some would be unable to maintain contact with family and friends.

Caremark (Barnsley), a home care provider in South Yorkshire is one such company offering a flexible service to its clients.  Being able to respond swiftly to a client’s request is part of providing a ‘person-centred’ service, one that every care provider now aspires to.

A few weeks back the (Barnsley) care team took a phone call which required some quick thinking.  The team were contacted around 9am one Friday morning by a gentleman who was visiting Barnsley for the weekend to attend his sister’s wedding.  Having arrived in the area he found that his grandmother, Rita was not feeling confident enough to leave her home and attend her granddaughter’s wedding.  Rita’s mobility had deteriorated of late and not wanting to be a burden to her family at such a special time, she felt unsure about going out and thought she had better stay at home.

Her grandson was not going to give up lightly and decided to call her care provider in the hope they could organise some last minute support so that his grandmother could go to the family wedding.

Wherever possible, care providers will accommodate their client’s wishes and Caremark (Barnsley) were no exception.  They arranged for Jenny, a care worker in their team, to visit Rita and help her prepare for her granddaughter’s wedding.  With a suitable outfit selected, Jenny ordered a taxi to take them both to the venue. With Jenny’s support, Rita felt more confident and looked forward to being part of the special family occasion, knowing that she could stay for as long or as little as she wished.  Rita was clearly pleased that she was not going to miss this significant event or that by going to the wedding she wouldn’t she impact on her families’ enjoyment of the day either.

With Jenny by her side, Rita was able to enjoy the ceremony as well as participate in the family photographs afterwards.

Caremark (Barnsley)’s Care Manager, Cathryn Fewster said: “We felt privileged to be able to support Rita to witness her granddaughter’s marriage and Rita and her family were extremely happy with the support they received from us”.

Flexible care and support is just that and the unexpected can and does happen.  So having a well-trained team of care workers and sufficient staff is imperative for any busy care provider.

As Care Manager, Cathryn Fewster reflected: “It’s never just another day at the office…!”


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