What happens when residents’ belongings go walkabout?

James Farley, Managing Director of Assetsure
James Farley, Managing Director of Assetsure

What happens when residents’ belongings go walkabout? It’s an easily occurring and not unusual problem – we all become more prone to misplacing items as we grow older. Spectacles, books, old photos… Often these turn up or, if not, are sometimes covered under the ‘Residents’ effects’ clause of the care home’s insurance policy. But what if the item in question is particularly valuable, such as a hearing aid device?


James Farley, Assetsure Managing Director, warns: “Some insurers will place an upper limit on the amount that they are willing to pay out in the event of an insured claim, often this can be no more than £1,000 per claim. But hearing aids can cost anywhere up to £5,000, especially for more discreet versions. This poses a real issue for care home residents, who often don’t have access to general insurance cover of their own.”


James continues: “Adding to the problem is the fact that many insurers also tend to impose strict terms and conditions around when a claim is valid; yet it can be hard to prove when a small, easily misplaced item such as a hearing aid is really lost, and not just temporarily missing.”


One solution is to introduce residents to standalone hearing aid insurance. Asseture’s policy features generous upper limits for sums insured and is available to anyone living in care homes or sheltered housing schemes. Unlike many providers, Assetsure also protects against unexplained disappearance as well as loss, theft or damage.


Assetsure Logo-care industry news“Hearing aids serve as an all-important lifeline for many older people helping them to remain connected with their surrounding and avoid feelings of isolation. Losing such a precious item can cause significant distress; which is why it’s so essential to ensure it can be quickly replaced with minimum hassle or disruption,” James adds.


Premiums start from as low as £30.00 per annum, with a 30-day cancellation period. The policy includes up to £150.00 consultation and refitting fees relating to a successful claim, and covers all types of BTEs (Behind the Ear), Mini BTEs and Receiver in Canal style hearing aids.

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