Lancashire homecare provider supports a dementia friendly Oldham


caremark oldham-care industry newsCaremark (Oldham), a Lancashire home care provider has announced its commitment to partner in the Oldham Dementia Partnership as well as become members of the Oldham Dementia Action Alliance.

The award winning home care company has been providing bespoke care and support services to the people of Oldham for the last three years and this latest move to fully support dementia in its community has seen both Susie Thorpe, their Care Manager and the Field Care Supervisor become Dementia Friend Champions.  Susie Thorpe has also achieved a Foundation Certificate in Dementia Awareness.

Following Caremark (Oldham)’s commitment to the Oldham Dementia Partnership, the organization provide free Dementia Friends sessions for local community groups, church groups, charities and organisations.  Dementia Friends are recognised members of the community who have awareness of dementia and how to treat people with dementia with dignity and respect.

Susie Thorpe commented: “We are keen to fulfil our action plan with the Dementia Action Alliance to provide the sessions and offer our help with regard to supporting anyone who is interested in becoming a Dementia Friend.  The sessions take about an hour and we deliver to approximately 6    participants at a time and can take place anywhere across Oldham.


We are carrying out this work as part of a network of Dementia Friends Champions, being supported by Oldham CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group).”


The Oldham home care company have already provided Dementia Friends information sessions for their own staff; a local medical practice in Saddleworth; Dr Kershaw’s Hospice and 27 local GPs.   There are further sessions due to take place to the local Springboard carer’s group and church group over the next couple of weeks.


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