Dismay over negative launch for CQC’s new inspection regime

Mike Padgham , chair, Independent Care Group (York and North Yorkshire)
Mike Padgham , chair, Independent Care Group (York and North Yorkshire)

A spokesman for social care has expressed his dismay over the way negative language has accompanied the launch of a new inspection regime.

Mike Padgham says talk of “awful care” and care “not being good enough at the moment” from the Care Quality Commission did not help the sector to work together to improve standards.

Mr Padgham, who chairs the Independent Care Group (York and North Yorkshire) said he was dismayed at the language used and felt a “fresh start opportunity” had been lost.

“Of course we must root out poor care and we can always improve but damning the entire sector with negative comments is not going to help morale and not going to help us recruit people to provide the sort of social care for the future CQC wants to see,” he said.

“Instead people will not know that there is good care and will believe that all of it is bad.

“Social care is going through its toughest ever period and providers are struggling.

“The launch of the new inspection, which puts more pressure on those providers, was a chance for a new start and a new partnership between them and the CQC in the drive towards better social care in this country.

“The true picture is that poor care is very much in the minority and the vast majority of care is good and delivered by caring, committed and compassionate people.

“We all want to improve care for the many, many thousands of older and vulnerable adults who rely upon it and everyone – commissioners, providers and inspectors – has a role to play in that.

“Using the launch to make negative, sweeping statements about some standards in care, rather than highlighting the good and looking forward positively, is very disappointing.”

The Care Quality Commission published its plans for how it will regulate, inspect and rate care homes in the future.

Care providers will be rated ‘outstanding’, ‘good’, ‘requires improvement’ or ‘inadequate’ following inspection.

Earlier this week, speaking at the Independent Care Group’s 10th anniversary conference in York, Andrea Sutcliffe, chief inspector of adult social care at the Care Quality Commission, spoke about the need to work in partnership to achieve better social care in the UK.


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