Coast & Country celebrates Older People’s Day

Jeanette Cochrane Of Park Court With Jason Lowe head of independent living services
Jeanette Cochrane Of Park Court With Jason Lowe head of independent living services

Coast & Country teamed up with HomeCall Independent Living to celebrate Older People’s Day 2014 last week.


Celebratory events took place at community centres in Redcar and Loftus to honour the achievements and contributions that older people make to our society. These events were designed to promote healthy lifestyles, provide opportunities to socialise in the local community and offer the chance to share and learn new skills.


With a mix of interactive and engaging activities, useful advice and support and the chance to learn new skills, the events proved to be extremely popular, however, it was an old favourite, Bingo, which still got the biggest cheer!


Attendees of the event were given the opportunity to gain extra support from the help of Coast & Country’s Benefit & Money Advice Team, the Digital Inclusion initiative and from HomeCall Independent Living.


Jason Lowe, Head of Independent Living Services at Coast & Country, explained, “Once we found out about National Older Persons’ Day, we immediately wanted to be involved. It is not just HomeCall that serves older people in our company, our fantastic Benefit & Money Advice team can help older people make sure they are managing their money well, and receiving all of their entitled benefits. Additionally, the fantastic initiative we are running regarding Digital Inclusion is something we hope will help older people to get involved with using online tools.”


Coast & Country’s Digital Champions, who volunteer in the local community, provided assistance to help guests master the online world and really helped make the day a success. The Digital Champions were on hand with laptops and tablets to impart knowledge and share skills on the digital world. People had the opportunity to improve their online skills, learn new ways to save money, keep in touch with friends and family, pay bills and research interests.


Mrs Mays, of Queens Road who attended the Loftus event, said: “We’ve had a wonderful afternoon, it was nice to talk to the staff who gave us a lot of helpful information on what we, as older people, have available to us.”


Iain Sim, Chief Executive at Coast & Country echoed Mrs Mays comments:  “We’re proud to support and celebrate UK Older People’s Day along with our teams and HomeCall. At Coast & Country, we are fully committed to offering support, and sharing new skills to those that live in our communities.


“These events have been a fantastic opportunity to help people with many aspects of financial management, along with assisting people to get online, no matter what their age. It was great to see so many older people really embracing the digital world and I’m sure they will continue to explore and experiment online in the future – we’re already planning next year’s event!”


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