Bank of Scotland Senses Need for Eco-Garden


Bield-Care Industry NewsAn innovative sensory eco-garden that is specifically designed to bring positive benefits to people living with dementia is to open in Milngavie.

The Bank of Scotland Foundation awarded a grant of £11,000 to Scotland’s leading care and housing provider, Bield, to develop the project at their Oakburn Park Day Care in Milngavie.

Plans to create the garden are expected to begin next spring, where new plants will be put in place to help the people they care for engage with different senses such as smell and touch, as well as being eco-friendly to help support the environment.

Sensory gardens have been proven to have positive benefits for older people and those living with dementia.

They are known to provide a calming atmosphere which helps to lower blood pressure and stress levels. The different smells and touch available in sensory gardens can encourage people to reminisce as they are reminded of past experiences and oxygen levels are likely to be boosted for those who spend time in the new green space.

Furthermore, the eco-garden will encourage those who attend the development’s day care service to use the garden for exercise, as well as providing people with a healthy dose of Vitamin D.

This is the fourth grant that Bield have received from The Bank of Scotland Foundation.

Donna McCallum, Deputy Manager at the Oakburn Park Day Care, said: “In previous years, the money we have generously received from the Bank of Scotland Foundation has gone towards our Evening Service which has been great and so well received.

“However, we’re delighted to see this year’s grant go towards something different and exciting.

“The planned sensory eco-garden is a great way to get people outside while remaining within a safe and stable environment where our staff can remain close by.

“We are also hoping that the current area dedicated for those who attend our day care service to plant flowers, fruit and veg, will be expanded with the arrival of the new garden.

“We use everything that we grow in the garden in our kitchen so it will be fantastic to have a greater variety of fruit and vegetables available.

“Ultimately, we hope the new garden will provide a calm, relaxing and safe place, as well as encourage people to socialise and interact more with others who use our service.”


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