Alzheimer’s Society responds to the new national criteria for social care eligibility


Alzheimers Society-Care industry NewsToday the Government has published the final regulations and guidance for the implementation of part one of the Care Act. Coming into force in April 2015, changes include a national minimum eligibility criteria for social care.

Responding to this, Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive of Alzheimer’s Society, said:

‘In setting the eligibility criteria for council-funded social care so high thousands of people with dementia will be cut off from the vital support they need and deserve. It is absurd logic that services which help prevent people from reaching crisis point are given such low priority. People with dementia shouldn’t be waiting for an emergency until someone steps in – our care services should be working to prevent that crisis from happening.

‘Without hard cash the black hole in social care finances will suck the potential out of this opportunity for transformative change and we will continue to see people with dementia struggling to live from day-to-day.’


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