Want to Help the Good Times Grow at Bield?


BIELD-Care Industry News (250 x 87)Saunders Court, Bield’s Retirement Housing development in Corstorphine, is looking for friendly and enthusiastic volunteers to spend a couple of hours each month helping out with the social activities at the development.


The appeal comes as a direct result of the success of the weekly coffee mornings which take place every Tuesday, allowing tenants the chance to socialise with their neighbours.


Determined to keep expanding this social initiative, Donna Dickson, Volunteer Development Worker, said: “The weekly coffee mornings have been a knock-out success with the tenants at Saunders Court.


“Many people in the development look forward to the chance to socialise and chat with their neighbours which is why we are so keen to expand the tenants’ social activity to things such as dinner parties and games afternoons.


“We are always looking for ways to enrich the lives of our tenants and the positive feedback we have received regarding various events proves that social activities are a great way to get tenants out and about.”


Volunteers only need give up a couple of hours once or twice a month to help with various activities such as a games afternoon every Thursday for the tenants.


As well as this, staff at Saunders Court intend to plan monthly dinner parties for residents to celebrate events such as Burns Nights, birthdays and public holidays, such as Christmas.


One tenant at Saunders Court said: “If there is no coffee morning, I would be stuck in the house. People who are not able-bodied rely on the coffee morning for meeting and socialising with our neighbours.”


If you are over 16 and are keen to help enrich the lives of Scotland’s older people, contact Volunteer Development Worker, Donna Dickson for further details on 0131 273 4095 or email her at d.dickson@bield.co.uk


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