The Huntercombe Group launches 360° virtual tour of its hospitals


Traumatic-Brain-Injury (125 x 94)Young people who are preparing for admission to hospital or who are looking for the most appropriate healthcare setting for their needs, are now able to take a 360-degree virtual tour via their mobile, tablet or desktop in a new initiative this week, launched by one of the UK’s leading specialist healthcare providers, The Huntercombe Group, which has 56 hospitals and centres located throughout England and Scotland.


The immersive technology is designed to mimic the person’s presence as if they were in the room, viewers can tilt their handheld devices to move throughout the hospitals and rooms featured whilst zooming in and out on features. The interactive tours can be accessed on each hospital web page.


Kat Holt, Head of Marketing for The Huntercombe Group, said: “Today’s patient wants access to information instantly and often at the touch of a button. We have therefore introduced 360-degree virtual tours so that patients, relatives, commissioners and GPs can interactively explore our services and gain a better understanding of the services and facilities we provide.”


The Huntercombe Group delivers wide ranging professional treatments in the areas of: Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS ),  Adult Mental Health and Intellectual Disability, Brain Injury and Neurological Care Services.



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