Majority of public not confident of receiving good care, poll shows

Alzheimers Society-Care industry NewsOne in three Britons either rely on or have a family member who relies on the care system but six in ten are not confident they will receive good care, according to Care and Support Alliance research released yesterday.
Polling released by the Alliance – an organisation of 75 charities representing vulnerable and disabled people – finds that:
– Six in 10 people are not confident they will receive sufficient care; that goes up to seven in 10 for over 60s
 – Two thirds of those aged 60 and over in England believe government should be doing more in this area and less in others  
– Along with health services, support for older and disabled people is the biggest priority for where the electorate would want to see the Government increase expenditure
– One in three in England rely on, or have a close family member that relies on, the care system
Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive at Alzheimer’s Society said:
‘The experience of people with dementia is at the heart of the social care crisis. For them and their carers it’s more than just a policy debate – it’s about support getting washed, eating, using the toilet and the tasks we take for granted that can help them live well for longer. Despite this, people with dementia are being forced to pay a dementia tax often totalling tens of thousands for this essential care when people with other conditions rightly get it for free.
‘The human cost of dementia brings with it an economic reality that supporting people with the condition to live in the community is actually the most financially sensible thing to do. The isolation and lack of support for family carers can lead to a crisis that means a person with dementia may move to a care home earlier than they might otherwise need to, at enormous emotional and financial cost. We need large scale reform to integrate our fragmented care system before it switches simply from failing people with dementia to simply failing.’


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