Knaresborough steps up a gear with ubu’s latest uStep Service


UBU-Care Industry News (300 x 198)VULNERABLE adults in Knaresborough will now benefit from the new service as ubu a specialist health and social care provider has opened its latest uStep support model for 15 people. It’s opening was based on a garden party, but it was not just ordinary it was a ubu garden party.


Celebrities, Maurice dancers, side stall holders  joined the people ubu serve and guests to celebrate this amazing innovative service. The model ubu introduced that has been successful right across the north of England and will provide specialised support for vulnerable adults, with Autism, Complex behaviour, learning disabilities and severe mental and health issues in helping them gain greater independence and integration at the heart of their communities.


The garden party was hosted by Sarah, someone ubu currently serves through another uStep service in Leeds.  She spoke of her own 15 year journey from constant  parental abuse, personal acute self harming, locked away in horrendous institutional asylum , to now a supported and satisfied life thanks to committed work of ubu lead by their CEO Dorothy Jarvis-Lee.


“ubu took me in when no one else wanted me and now after 15 years I am living in my own home, in my own community, surrounded by people I enjoy being with whilst contributing to the community I live in,” she told guests, who included former GForce singer, Jonathan Ansell.


Dorothy Jarvis Lee said of the opening: “ubu is proud to be at the forefront of pioneering new projects such as this, and is excited and impassioned to continue to develop more over the coming months. 


“With the opening of these incredible uStep supports we see more than ever that our vision goes beyond words. It is simply our reality – and one that will never cease to be at the core of everything we do.”


“These new services create people’s lives a positive future for each person we serve. They reflect our commitment to delivering the highest quality personal environments for the people we serve.


The Mayor of Knaresborough, Coun Tony Handley, cut the ribbon on the new uStep service.  He said:”ubu really does enable people to be who they are.  Its model of support has to be applauded for the benefits it delivers to the people they serve and to the communities in which it operates.


“As well as allowing people to live more independent lives in their own home, it works to help them grow and achieve their ambitions through respect and encouragement.  It is great to see so many existing people ubu serve brimming with confidence.”


Opera singer, Jonathan Ansell, was one of two celebrity performers who wowed the crowd performing a series of songs.


“When I was invited, I did some research and was really impressed with the opportunity that ubu offered to the people they serve.  The welcome was so warm and to see everyone so happy was amazing!


The second celebrity singer was Martin Finn, a 23 year old man who suffers from severe autism and has hit the headlines for his beautiful voice.   He had the 250 strong audience on their feet as he sang his repertoire of favourite songs.


“Martin loves performing but we have loved seeing this uStep service that ubu delivers to the people they serve,” said his father, John.


“It is the kind of thing we would hope for Martin as we, as parent’s age and are unable to care for him as we do.  This is the future and best of care for such vulnerable adults like Martin and we would like to see more uStep services around the UK,” he added.


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