Knaresborough steps forwards with innovative care service

Martin Finn
Martin Finn

THE father of a young man with severe autism has praised ubu and their unique care support service as he spoke about the latest launch of their uStep model in Knaresborough.


John Finn, whose son Martin has captured the hearts of many around the country with his beautiful singing, said that uStep was a fantastic way in helping those with autism and other disabilities to gain the skills to lead a more independent and fulfilling life.


Martin, who was born with severe autism can hardly string a sentence together yet he sings a variety of songs by famous stars from memory.  His story was featured in a national Sunday newspaper recently and he has appeared on Irish Radio and TV.  He will perform at the opening of ubu’s next uStep in Knaresborough on September 10. He joins a unique exciting program which also features the amazing Jonathan Ansell who will be singing an alternative classical style of music.


uStep is an innovative service that has been successful across uk providing specialised support for vulnerable adults, helping them gain greater independence and integration at the heart of their communities.


Martin’s appearance will showcase both his talents and those of the people ubu serve who have already made great personal strides thanks to the Harrogate based company.


John Finn said: “I truly believe that the uStep model is the way forward when it comes to providing the right care for vulnerable people and especially those with Autism.


“I applaud their dedication and work in helping vulnerable and disabled people lead an independent life but as well as helping them to fulfil their ambitions, more importantly providing them with  the opportunities to integrate with others.


“It’s great to see them expanding this wonderful model of support across the region. I believe the care sector must follow ubu’s lead in providing the very best support for vulnerable people around the country.”


Dorothy Jarvis-Lee, Chief Executive for ubu said: “These new services represent the future of our supports and also reflects our commitment to delivering the highest quality personal environments for the people we serve.


“ubu is proud to be at the forefront of pioneering new projects such as this, and is excited and impassioned to continue to develop more over the coming months.  With the opening of these incredible uStep supports we see more than ever that our vision goes beyond words. It is simply our reality – and one that will never cease to be at the core of everything we do”


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