Gillie Court Garden Blooms in Time for Summer Sunshine


Bield-Care Industry NewsCouncillor Joe Rosiejak and his wife, Dorothy, have successfully finished a gardening project at Bield’s Gillie Court Care Home in perfect time to allow tenants soak up the last of the summer sunshine.


Dorothy’s late mother was a tenant at the Dunfermline based care home and since her passing, Dorothy has been an enthusiastic volunteer at Gillie Court helping out wherever possible.


Joe and Dorothy’s keen involvement with the development meant that when residents requested a little colour in their lives, they decided a garden makeover would be the perfect answer.


Joe, approaching local scout groups regarding the project, secured the help of the 39th & 40th FifeScout Groups. These groups took on the challenge as part of the national campaign for Scout Community Week sponsored by B&Q, who made their own contribution to the garden by volunteering staff and beautiful flowers.


Joe also received technical assistance from members of the Fife Council, who helped give advice about the project.


Though planted on the wettest day of the early summer, Joe and Dorothy, along with their team of green fingered enthusiasts, managed to finish their project just in time for the summer sun to start shining, helping to bring many plants into bloom.


Joe said: “Gillie Court has played a significant part in the lives of my wife and I, so we are always keen to help out in any way that we can.


“It was really great to see the transformation of the garden and to have the support and help from the Scouts and the local B&Q has been great.


“Together we have all managed to create a beautiful garden which residents at Gillie Court can enjoy whenever they wish.”


Kevin Rowe, Fundraiser for Bield said: “The garden looks absolutely fantastic.


“It is brilliant to have a green outside space that looks as beautiful as it does. I am sure all the residents will love spending time in it.


“Joe and Dorothy have created a relaxing and serene place which tenants can enjoy which is great. Bield & the residents at Gillie Court owe them a debt of gratitude for their kindness & generosity. Thanks are also due to B&Q, the Scouts & the technical assistance given by Fife Council.


“At Bield we are always looking for ways to enrich the lives of those who stay in our developments as fully as possible and the garden does exactly that.”


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