Facebook Birthday Surprise Goes Viral

104th birthday greetings to Betty Musker!
104th birthday greetings to Betty Musker!

CLS resident and life-long greetings card lover, Betty Musker, may be about to experience a Hallmark moment of her own, as plans for a 104th birthday surprise have gone viral on Facebook around the world. After a message was posted online inviting people to send cards to Betty on her birthday, the home has already received over 700 greetings cards from around the world, with almost 100 new cards now arriving every day!


When she was asked how she would like to celebrate her birthday this October, Betty replied: “I don’t want any fuss; no party or cake or anything like that. The thing I look forward to most is just receiving a couple of nice cards from people.” Staff at Golborne House, where Betty is a resident, shared this with Betty’s family, and together they hatched a plan to surprise her with as many cards as possible.


Vicki, Betty’s great granddaughter, posted a Facebook message inviting anyone and everyone to send Betty a card on her special day. Neither Betty’s family nor staff at Golborne House were ready for the response. Since posting the message, over 700 cards have arrived from well-wishers around the world, including the USA, Australia, Europe, as well as the UK and Ireland.


Betty has always loved greetings cards, and often makes her own; she has already begun making Christmas cards for her friends and family. It is not surprising that Betty’s secret to a long life is “always working hard”, as she puts a great deal of effort into every one of her cards.



Karen Alford, Home Manager at Golborne House, commented: “We just can’t believe the response we have had from something as simple as a Facebook message. People who Betty has never met are going out of their way to give her an amazing birthday surprise, which is just fantastic. I know she said she doesn’t want any fuss, but I know she will be ever so grateful to every person who sent her a birthday card.”


Staff have no idea how many cards they will be presenting Betty with on her birthday this October. So much for just “a couple of nice cards from people.”


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