Care England welcomes the proposals for the future of residential care put forward by Paul Burstow MP

Paul Burstow
Paul Burstow MP

Care England, the largest representative body for independent care providers, has today welcomed the proposals, which were outlined in the DEMOS Commission on The Future of Residential Care, chaired by Paul Burstow MP.


Care England Chief Executive, Professor Martin Green said:


“ The DEMOS commission has given us a vision for the future of residential care and challenges everyone, whether they are a citizen, a commissioner or a provider of residential services, to put aside old models and preconceptions about residential care and to firmly position it as a housing and support option that is fit for purpose in the 21st-century.


One of the very refreshing things about this commission was that it started from the premise that residential care was currently providing thousands of people with a high quality and personalised service, and it unequivocally acknowledged the contribution and quality of the vast majority of residential care.”


Martin continued:


“Paul Burstow and his commissioners have been bold in their vision, and it is up to all of us to work hard to make this report the foundation of a new future.”

Read and down load here:


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