World’s top shop takes time to honour Cambridgeshire man

Bob Easton with his Harrods bear
Bob Easton with his Harrods bear


A Cambridgeshire man has been celebrating after being honoured for years of service to a well-known British institution.


Mr Bob Easton, who lives at Somers Court, an extra care housing facility in Wisbech worked for Harrods as a display ticket writer for over 16 years and this week, he received a Harrods teddy bear as a thank you for his years of dedication.


Mr Easton’s Support Workers helped to co-ordinate the surprise after listening to Bob talk fondly about his days at one of the UK’s most famous shops.



Elaine Ray and Julie Brown work for Radis Community Care – the company who won the contract to provide the care and support for Somers Court, they told us:


‘Bob has some fascinating stories to tell including tales of sharing a lift with Za Za Gabor, Michael Caine and John and Mary Mills.  It was obviously a great time to be working there and Bob speaks with such passion about the fun they had.’


Mr Easton, who’s now 85, was in charge of hand writing all the price display tickets for around 70 windows – a very time consuming role, but working in one of the countries most famous stores certainly made for some interesting stories.  Bob was on duty the week before Christmas in 1983 when six people were killed and 90 people were injured following an IRA bomb, Bob told us:


‘The bomb went off outside the staff entrance.  I wasn’t hurt but the windows were all blasted out.  I remember that even though the store was closed, I had to go in on the Sunday because we were preparing for the January sales and I had lots of tickets to write!’


Mr Easton has now lived at Somers Court for the past six years, a world away from Harrods, but staff and other residents there love to here his tales and the fact that the famous shop took the time to send him a special ‘Harrods’ bear means a great deal:


‘It was so nice of the Radis Community Care support workers to get in touch with Harrods on my behalf and I was really touched by the bear.  I still get a good pension from them and a £50 bonus at Christmas time…what more could I want


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