Society appears to be turning its back on the elderly



Paul Green
Paul Green

Despite contributing throughout their lives, society appears to be turning its back on elderly needing care

Commenting on figures from Age UK that show the amount of care provided by local authorities is reducing and many older people are struggling along without the support they need, Saga’s director of communications, Paul Green said:

“These latest figures show the very real impact the changes to the assessment criteria are having on the most vulnerable in our society, and it’s not just the individuals that are feeling the pain.  By failing to offer early intervention to those that need a degree of care and support, it simply increases pressure on the NHS and on the families that have to provide the care.  Whilst the Care Act and Better Care Fund are designed to help relieve the pressure, without an urgent review of the qualifying criteria for care, it remains unlikely that the system will intervene early enough to help prevent a more costly hospital admission.

“How the elderly and vulnerable are looked after is a key indicator of civilised society; and, despite having contributed throughout their working lives, it appears that for too many society is turning its back on them when they need it most”.


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