Shadow Health Secretary honoured to launch new ubu health and social care service

Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham with ubu consumer, Hayley Mullieaux
Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham with ubu consumer, Hayley Mullieaux

LEIGH’S Labour MP, Andy Burnham, spoke of his pride as he launched another one of ubu’s innovative specialist uStep health and social care support service.


The Shadow Secretary of State for Health told guests that society had to rethink how it cared for people and make support models more person centered rather than patient centered.


“Putting people at the heart of their own communities is basic and allowing them to make the choices they want to live their own lives is an imperative,” he said.



“Society has to rethink how we care for people and see them as people rather than patients. I am just delighted that this uStep has opened in Leigh so that local residents get the chance to benefit,” he added.


During the opening of the service, the Shadow Health Secretary praised ubu and said that their unique model of support will be a welcome boost to the local community.


The uStep model, has been successful across many local authorities across England providing specialised health and social care and support for vulnerable adults, helping them gain greater independence and integration at the heart of their chosen communities.


This new uStep model will provide health and social care support to 12 vulnerable people, expanding on their recent openings in the North West.


“The uStep model and its extensive success, demonstrates that it is especially effective when it comes to supporting the most vulnerable people in leading more independent lives and most importantly enabling them to be an active part of their community, he told ubu consumers and their families.


“I can only applaud ubu’s determination to expand their quality of support and care in the North West. This service will not only allow each person it serves to integrate in their local area but enable them to develop their lives in a way that is meaningful to themselves”.


“It is truly wonderful that we have a committed leading organisation like ubu that is dedicated to providing innovative support services to such vulnerable people in these difficult times.


Dorothy Jarvis-Lee CEO of ubu explained:“uStep is innovative, continually evolving so that as the people we serve needs change we adapt their support to meet them,” she added.


“Our ethos is treat a person as they are and they will remain as they are; treat a person as they could be and they will become as they should be.”


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