Partnership comments on Ready for Ageing manifesto


Partnership_Large-Care Industry NewsThe Ready for Ageing Alliance has set out an eleven point prescription to help individuals prepare for ageing.  Mark Stoppard, Head of Product Development at Partnership, comments:


“While in an ideal world, people would be fully prepared for retirement with an adequate pension pot, excellent health and no debts, we all know that this is often not the case.    Therefore, the Ready for Aging Alliance eleven point prescription and proposed ready for later life pack is to be welcomed.


“We are particularly keen on the over-fifties having access to advice, services and opportunities for learning – especially with regards to their finances.  It can be extremely daunting for someone to work out how much money they need for retirement as not only do they not know how long it will last or what inflation might be but they can’t predict their state of health or the support they might need.


“Support and help making these life changing decisions is vital and we are keen that people receive this sooner rather than later.  Even making small changes in the run up to retirement can make a real difference to quality of your life and your finances so these practical suggestions are very helpful.”



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