Mr Mecci at The Gateway
Mr Mecci at The Gateway

AN INTERNATIONALLY renowned consultant in spinal cord injuries (SCI) from the James Cook University Hospital is supporting the spinal injury provision at The Gateway in Middlesbrough with its rehabilitation programme.


Mr Munawar Mecci will provide his expertise to the rehabilitation facility one day per week reviewing cases, overseeing the multidisciplinary team and therapists leading on bespoke care for clients with spinal injuries.


The Gateway, which was opened by care specialists Keiro earlier this year, will provide care, ‘step down’ rehabilitation, respite care and transitional housing options for patients leaving James Cook University Hospital with complex SCI to continue to practice skills learnt, provide step-down rehabilitation where further functional improvement is likely, and to support housing programmes.


Keiro’s head of operations, Paula Hewitson stated that Mr Mecci’s addition to the team will help provide world class medical support to clients of The Gateway and anyone that uses its services.


She said: “It is a real coup to welcome a specialist consultant in spinal injury care with his level of acclaim and expertise.”


“Keiro, with 25 years’ experience in healthcare, designed The Gateway to offer services to those with more complex needs. Being situated so close to James Cook University Hospital has been ideal in being able to offer interim care for people who have been treated in hospital, so that they can continue to practise what they have learned at its specialist Spinal Injuries Unit.”


A Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, Mr Mecci began his specialism in spinal cord injuries at Oddstock Spinal Injuries Unit in Salisbury in 1996, before progressing to being a senior registrar in the Northwest Regional Spinal Injuries Centre in Southport.


Mr Mecci said: “The Gateway is a fantastic facility to enable people to continue to benefit from what they have learned during their rehabilitation programmes at the hospital.


“At The Gateway, I am not only able to work with new clients but also continue my work with existing clients from James Cook. The sophisticated award winning amenities offered are ideal to continue the care for people with long-term complex needs and I am delighted to be able to offer my services and collaborate with an extended team.”


The North East Regional Spinal Cord Injury Unit opened in Middlesbrough in 2000 when services that were previously provided in Hexham closed.


Paula continued: “The Spinal Injuries Unit at James Cook is considered one of the very best in the country, providing all complex care under one roof. There is a seamless transition from acute care to rehabilitation overseen by Mr Mecci and his team. The advantage for Keiro is the close proximity to James Cook – we can extend on-going support and respite to clients following their specialist rehabilitation in hospital.


“We feel very fortunate to be working with the James Cook and to benefit from Mr Mecci’s expertise working with us in the extended community rehab programmes.”


The Gateway in Middlehaven provides flexible support for people of all ages with spinal, and brain injuries, stroke as well as long term neurological conditions and other complex needs.


The facility includes a range of therapy and Healthclub & leisure services, vocational rehabilitation, advice and support services from charitable and education partners and a wellbeing ‘hub’ for use by residential clients, their families and the wider local community.


Mr Mecci added: “It is important to us all that we deliver high quality, safe patient care and thanks to The Gateway, we can work as one big team to provide the best after-care following discharge from hospital which is unlike anywhere else.”


Keiro also takes private referrals from further afield and operates one of the UK’s leading neuro-rehabilitation facilities, Chase Park Neuro Centre in Whickham, Gateshead.


For more information on The Gateway go to:


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