Executive Care=Care Industry NewsA group of carers from Abbeyvale Care Centre in Blackhall, Hartlepool, took on an outdoor challenge raising £1060 for their residents’ fund.

Six carers walked five miles pushing their residents’ wheel chairs in order to encourage members of the local community to donate money. The money will go towards residents’ fund used for their entertainment such as day trips and having performers coming in to sing their favourite songs.

More members of the care home staff and local community joined in the walk, which set off from the Abbeyvale Care Centre and finished at the Merry Go Round pub in Hartlepool. Some of the challenge participants decided to go that extra mile for the residents and also walked all the way back to the care home to boost the donations.

One of challenge’s participants and the care home manager, Julie Shield, said on the day: “It was truly challenging experience. It wore me out so much I’m very glad I’m on my annual leave starting tomorrow; I really need a holiday now.

“I am very proud for everyone, who took on the challenge and overwhelmed by the number of people, who decided to join the walk on the day. Not only did we receive the much-needed donations, this event also helped our residents to feel more included in the local community and have fun, active day.”

After conquering the 5 miles challenge all walkers and residents enjoyed refreshments and light snacks and headed back to the care home.

A family member of one of the care home residents, Dean McDonalds, who came in to help one of the participants to push a wheel chair, said: “It was much more challenging than everyone expected. We all are very proud of everyone who took part in the challenge.

“Moreover, the high level of community engagement made it a great day for raising funds and entertaining the residents. It was great to see families coming together and supporting each other.”

The Abbeyvale purpose-built care centre, which provides care to elderly and adults with brain injuries, is a part of Executive Care.

Executive Care has 27 homes around the country and strives to provide quality care to their residents.


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