Winding up petition made against Nottingham based home care provider


Polkadot Care Ltd based in Nottingham and operated solely by Patrick Quinn who is also director of Great British Care Awards and Learning Disabilities Awards  has been wound up with debts in excess of £760,000 which the company is unable to pay.

Patrick Quinn in partnership with Lisa Carr and Mike Padgham set up the social care magazine Care Talk along with Great British Care Awards, all aimed at care staff. It’s unknown if these other businesses are in any way affected although Care Comm LLP financial accounts from 2011 state current losses at over £518,000. Mike Padgham resigned his directorship in 2012.

Home care has been Patrick Quinn’s modus operandi for many years but changes to the Care Quality Commissions rules regarding care operators having ‘lost’ businesses previously will make it difficult for him to set up another care operation.

Quinn’s other company Spirit Care Ltd based in the Midlands recently went into administration with debts of over £600,000.







Lisa Carr


      • Also try Acton Solicitors, next door to Polkadot at 20 Regent Street, Nottm – believe they were acting for him till recently
        Regards Brian & Teresa

      • In respect of GBCA etc, surely ADASS and other key sponsors of these awards which Quinn is involved in, must be seen to be helpful and ‘open and transparent’ and also want to know – if they don’t already – why his home address, property assets etc, are so invisible, to at least ensure safety of their funding.
        Quinn’s financial track record hardly encourages confidence in this area as previously noted, ….and where has all the money gone ??…
        Does his ‘offshore retreat’ in France give us a clue ?

        • Strange re ADASS….they defend a non-member Quinn but won’t mediate with him/us as per our request, re his min. £16k personal debt still owed to us.
          We have offered to donate 20% to charity if he pays but still no reply from him or ADASS.
          Wonder why??

        • Positive note…Teresa doing charity fun run for cancer research on 2 Aug, after 2 ops etc in 2014.
          Good for her and all similar runners !!
          Shows up how vile the debts to her and others (unpaid staff, suppliers etc) actually are.
          PJQ and accomplices, please take a bow at your next Awards.

          • Quinn, I am in no doubt that you are reading this, so have a look at my Just Giving page in honour of my Mum, Teresa who was fighting breast cancer last year while you are sat pretty enjoying her money.You should hang your head in shame with what you have done to hard working people such as my parents.


      • Or good friends e.g. Mike Padgham, Lisa Carr, David Pearson, Debbie Cutts might also want to be seen to help with this request.
        And strange that PJQuinn as a key executive in Care so difficult to contact – are GBCA sponsors and CQC concerned ?
        Surely if nothing to hide,then nothing to fear…???

    • He fled his then home address early in 2013 after breaching our contract, so we served notices on him at Polkadot office, 21 Regent St, Nottm which worked… though he later reneged on his payment promises anyway – no surprises there, from what we now know of him.
      Good luck and we’ll continue to help if we can
      Regards Brian & Teresa

      • So sorry Joanne, completely missed your previous message lots happening at last esp via HMRC re Quinn’s finances etc do you have a home address for him please would be so useful to multi-creditors, unpaid staff, suppliers etc many thanks

      • Joanne have you been able to find a recent or current home address for Quinn please, contacts believe he’s in Leeds/Harrogate area.
        Liquidators etc also on the trail…would be great help to them if other interested parties/creditors could please liaise to find this ‘Lord Lucan of Care’.

          • This is disgusting. I understand from others that he doesn’t appear to have any worries and is attending all the Great British Care Awards. If I was you I’d secure seats and go and confront him/them. They still have people convinced these events are sponsored by the government. It’s anther con. By the way, they are also failing to pay venues.
            I wish people would see the irony. Here they are at the awards shouting about the excellent care done by carers and they didn’t even pay their staff!! The #CQC should be looking at them all very carefully!!

          • Not doubt in luxury accommodation somewhere in we believe Notts or Yorks, courtesy of his care sector victims i.e. elderly clients, unpaid staff, suppliers, the taxpayer via HMRC, other creditors etc – or maybe at the chateau in France with Shergar and the real Lord Lucan…

    • Do you have Patricks current address as I lent him substantial amount of money £100K+ and he has defaulted and now giving me no contact as he always does when under pressure.
      Graham is were he lives I am told but as to the detailed address I need some help as I want to serve a rite on him.
      Any help would be greatful.

      • Regret you’re not alone – he’s regularly pursued by HMRC, CQC, Receiver, liquidators, numerous creditors etc and gets away with it. Try GB Care Awards, Nottm

  1. I don’t know how Patrick Quinn sleep nights he owes a lot of staff wages he never cared about the customers he was only interested in living the high life with other people’s money he wants stringing up should not be allowed to have anything to do with care industry

    • Julie have had this discussion with D Behan at CQC direct
      Believe Alistair Burt is now the next new contact for us to approach and escalate this, not Norman Lamb, so we will be writing to him shortly.
      Pls can you and other debtors do same.
      Regards Brian & Teresa

      • Worth commenting… if our former company TruCare Burton Ltd had been 40-bed residential not domiciliary, then its recent demise under Polkadot/Quinn due to HMRC-related failure (there’s a surprise !!) would have been widely and quite rightly reported in at least local press, TV etc.
        Would CQC please explain their apparent lack of action and support for domiciliary in this case.

  2. I don’t know how Patrick Quinn can sleep nights he owes a lot of staff wages and did not care about the customers he was ok he lives high life on everyone else’s money he wants stringing up

  3. Follow-up note – out of interest,P J Quinn gave us his ‘personal guarantee’ in writing that he was guarantor for Polkadot Care in 2012 when buying TruCare Burton from us.
    Could this ‘guarantor’ status therefore be of interest and perhaps useful to other substantial creditors of Polkadot i.e. as an alternative route to recover their debt from Mr Quinn rather than from Polkadot…
    Legal eagles, we await your views !

    • hi brian,

      i would very much be interested in this document as stated on twitter i am chasing polkadot care and patrick quinn for unpaid wages.

      if possible could you email me a copy to so i can pass it onto the high court officers

      many thanks

      • Gemma just back from hol so will email asap note TruCare carers also owed wages pls let us know your solicitors views as may be useful to us also (‘group’ approach for bankruptcy ??)
        Regards Brian & Teresa

        • i have only just noticed your reply to me, unfortunatly im am now having to persue him via the liquidator for my unpaid waqges as i did have a high court writ against the comapany as the high court refused it against his name as they said it was the company who owed me money

          • We’re talking to 3 keen liquidators and have suggested they serve all notices on Quinn aka Polkadot etc etc at 21 Regent St, Nottm as his home address is unknown (we did this in 2013 and it did prompt his attention, though he seems able to eventually please himself who to pay and when, or not).
            Needs a major creditor e.g bank, HMRC to ‘man-up’ and pursue a bankruptcy action on him personally – and see it through to the desired outcome !!

        • I would be interested in any collective approach to high court action against Patrick. Do you have a current address for Patrick as he was lent a personal loan of £100k+ which is has failed to honour.

  4. Sorry for this late reply but have only just subscribed to careindustrynews.
    We welcome and applaud this and the related article in Mar 2014 as we fell victim to Polkadot Care and P J Quinn in 2012 when we sold our then successful dom care company TruCare Burton Ltd to them.
    Needless to say the sale contract was dishonoured by them, with the final payment not made on the due date 23 Jan 2013 and P J Quinn then failed to honour his ‘personal guarantee’ within the contract,leaving us over £16k short on the experience to date.
    We have an extensive file on this debacle and subject to tidying up will be pleased to offer this to careindustrynews asap in 2015 for circulation and comment.
    We would of course be pleased to hear positively from P J Quinn before then re settlement of his failed ‘personal guarantee’.


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