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We are delighted to let you know about our upcoming autumn conferences featuring some of the world’s top experts. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear up-to-the-minute information and share best practice in the field of autism. We offer discounts for early booking, so don’t delay – book now!





Women and girls on the autism spectrum, 9 October 2014, London

This conference will examine the unique challenges facing women and girls with autism. Our experts will discuss prevalence rates and differences in presentation. Dr Wenn Lawson (formerly Wendy Lawson), researcher with high functioning autism will be giving her perspective on the challenges that women on the spectrum face, but also their unique strengths.

Understanding and supporting challenging behaviour in people with autism, 14 October 2014, Birmingham

We will discuss the causes of anxiety for people with autism and the types of behaviour which can be used to express this anxiety. International experts will speak on the impact of sensory overload and what you can do to reduce it, and on intensive interaction and how it can be used to help more challenging individuals. Seminars will focus on positive approaches to supporting people with autism, practical solutions around good design, getting positive behaviour support plans right, and self-injurious behaviour.

Pathological Demand Avoidance, 4 November 2014, Cardiff

The main difficulty for people with PDA is their avoidance of the everyday demands made by other people, due to their high anxiety levels when they feel that they are not in control. This conference will give you a greater understanding of PDA and an opportunity to discuss techniques that will help you support people with the disorder. You’ll hear the latest research on the changing diagnostic understanding, and presentations on managing behaviour and issues with communication.

Autism and sensory processing in everyday life, December 2014 (day and venue tbc)

This conference will help to develop a greater understanding of sensory processing and how difficulties with sensory integration can impact on a person with autism. As well as an introduction to sensory processing and sensory integration, our speakers will present an overview of current research. We will look at the main sensory integration approaches in practice and how these can be applied in everyday environments plus tools and strategies that can be used to create programmes and make simple changes, so that people with sensory difficulties can live as independently as possible.

Autism and communication, 25 November 2014, Reading

This conference will discuss the types of communication difficulties that people on the autism spectrum can experience, and the various tools and strategies to help support verbal and non-verbal communication. Our keynote speaker, Gina Davies, is one of the top experts in the UK in helping people to develop communication skills. She will be looking at how we can inspire attention and how to make therapy irresistible. We are also pleased to welcome Carol Gray over from the US. Carol pioneered the development of Social Stories™ and will be giving her unique insights into the next generation of social stories.





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