Sue Ryder lends weight to Help the Hospices campaign


Sue Ryder logo-Care Industry NewsSue Ryder supports Help the Hospices’ call to action to help give dignity back to the dying


Sue Ryder is delighted that Help the Hospices has today issued a call to action to Government to reduce the number of terminally ill people dying in hospitals. We also welcome the recognition that hospices play an important role in end of life care to help individuals, their families and carers to achieve as good a death as possible.


Mike Smeeton, Director of Health and Social Care at Sue Ryder, comments:


“We only get one chance to help somebody die well. We believe that patients who are at the end of life should have access to the care and support they need and want and should not have to die in a busy hospital because it is the only option available.


Too often dying patients in hospitals are not offered the choice to go to a hospice or to receive help to die at home because there is a lack of awareness amongst staff already facing time and resource constraints.


Offering dying patients a choice and access to the right care and support relies on co-ordinating health and social care services. Hospices are much better placed and equipped to achieve this than hospitals. We are glad that Help the Hospices is urging Government to recognise and support us even more.”


Sue Ryder’s aim is to ensure fewer people die in hospitals by providing more end of life services in the community and giving people the choice of where they wish to die. The corporate partnership with Morrisons seeks to increase Sue Ryder’s capacity to do this, by helping to fund more community palliative services across the country.


Ultimately, however, Sue Ryder believes that additional Government investment is essential to make the improvements needed to end of life care to ensure that everyone is able to die with dignity, with their loved ones and in the place of their choosing.


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