Social care is facing meltdown as NHS hits funding crisis


Alzheimers Society-Care industry NewsThe NHS is facing an imminent funding crisis according to a report published by the think tank, Nuffield Trust today (Thursday 10 July).  Half of the 78 health and social care leaders who were surveyed, said that the current status quo within the NHS would not remain due to the squeeze on funding.

This news comes on the same day that the Public Accounts Committee publishes a report into health and social care, which voices concerns over local authorities paying lower fees to providers of care in order to cut costs, and the low pay and working conditions of nearly a quarter of a million social care workers.

George McNamara, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at Alzheimer’s Society said:

‘Social care is facing meltdown and the NHS is experiencing unprecedented financial pressures, as reports released today clearly highlight.  We urgently need to address the chronic underfunding of care for older people as efficiencies and savings can only go so far.   

‘The vital services and support which older people and those affected by dementia rely on so heavily are now being hit hard.  At the same time, dedicated staff are undervalued and underpaid by a cash starved system.  In a compassionate society, we should want and demand more for the care of older people.  Not only do we need more money in the system but health and social care must become closely integrated so that their whole needs are met and they can continue to live well.  This is a wake-up call and urgent action is needed to put adult social care on a sustainable financial footing. Fail to do this and our most vulnerable face a bleak future.’


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