Should there be a national debate over the future of adult social care


ADASS-Care Industry NewsDIRECTORS OF ADULT social services have welcomed today’s publication of a report by the Public Accounts Committee into adult social care in England.

According to ADASS President David Pearson, it amply affirms the conclusions of the ADASS budget survey which last week revealed a 26 per cent cut in overall social services budgets over the past four years. He said: “The pressures on adult social care are so great that we said at the time that directors are increasingly concerned about the impact on countless vulnerable people who will fail to receive, or not be able to afford, the social care services they need and deserve.”

The PAC report also, in ADASS’s view, equally vindicates the concern expressed this week at the decision by central government to place further restrictions on a substantial proportion of the Better Care Fund. Mr Pearson said: “we argued then that these changes would make a bad situation worse for social care The PAC report does nothing to make us alter our opinion.

“It really is crucial that health and social care services work closelytogether, integrate successfully and join forces in ways in which they are commonly incentivised to make things work for our common citizens.”

However, Mr Pearson did not agree with the PAC in its suggestion that people in England should prepare to lower their expectations of the sort of services they should received. He said: “The committee do not appear to have considered investing further in adult social care in response to this problem or reducing the level of the future cuts which have been planned.

“Despite creativity and innovation and a determination to make every penny count, social care is facing increasing costs in an area of service where pay is low. As the National Audit Office report said `pressures on the care system are increasing……..Need for care is rising while public spending is falling and there is unmet need’.”

“Lowering expectations will not improve the quality of care. We call upon politicians of all parties to ensure that people in this country receive appropriate care services by confirming the commitment to the Care Act, very recently voted through Parliament, and by investing in adult social care.”


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