NHS Chief Executive ignores the reality of care services in England

Martin Green
Martin Green

The statement by Simon Stevens, the new Chief Executive of the NHS, ignores the reality of social care and the excellent services care homes provide to support citizens with complex needs in the 21st century.


Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England, said:


“Simon Stevens seems to be at variance with Government policy which claims to want choice and control by the citizen. Yet we see the new Chief Executive of NHS England calling for the closure of services that provide high quality care and support, and that are chosen as the preferred service by thousands of self-funders .”





Professor Green continues:


“We had high hopes that Simon Stevens would bring new and fresh perspectives to the NHS, but his statement on care homes is indicative of a system driven by dogma rather than need. We would like to extend an invitation to Mr Stevens to visit a Care England member to see for himself how care homes are centres of local communities providing preventative, intermediate and long-stay care in a compassionate and caring environment. This is a sector which wants to be innovative and is looking at new care models. We look forward to working with the NHS in developing this integrated approach across health and social care”.


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