Fruity Friday Focuses on Healthy Ageing


ExtraCare Charitable TrustHagley Road Retirement Village in Birmingham is opening its doors to the community for a special ‘Fruity Friday’ event focused on healthy ageing.

Residents at the ExtraCare Charitable Trust Village in Edgbaston have already seen the benefits of fitness and improved health. Regular gym users include an 88 year-old man and a 90 year-old woman. People in wheelchairs take part in Tai Chi and Zumba classes.

Now the Village plans to share tips at the Fruity Friday Wellbeing event, which will be held at the village on July 25 from 11am to 3pm.

Fruity Friday is being staged with the support of other charities including the British Heart Foundation. The event will include a free express well-being check, the chance to make your own free smoothies, a healthy market, and advice on everything from heart health, to osteoporosis, diabetes and bowel cancer.

“Health and fitness is very important for older people,” said Faye Palmer-Hendy, the well-being adviser at Hagley Road Village. “With the right information and support older people can make real improvements to their health and lead more active lives.”

Aston University researchers are studying the effects of ExtraCare’s award winning programme which has given a new lease of life to hundreds of older people in the Midlands and the North.

The research study being carried out by Aston Research Centre for Healthy Ageing focuses on the impact of the charity’s service on the longer term well-being of residents and the associated care costs (


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