Britain’s ‘Best Known’ Midwife Releases Sixth Book


Caroline-Care Industry NewsA semi retired midwife has taken the literary world by storm for the sixth time with the launch her new book, “Do Birth”.

Caroline Flint, who lives with her husband Giles at Bield’s John Ker Court in Edinburgh, is celebrating after completing her latest book- a guide for expectant mothers.

Flint is a freelance Midwife who works approximately 20 hours a week, mostly providing antenatal classes for pregnant couples all over the UK in locations such as Edinburgh and various boroughs of London.



This is Caroline’s first book aimed at expectant mothers and includes her extensive experience as a midwife of more than 37 years delivering babies in homes, Birth Centres and hospitals.

But it is also the service that she receives within her owner-occupied Bield home that the 73-year-old credits her success. Since moving to the retirement housing development three years ago,Caroline has been able to place more emphasis on her passion for writing.

The service means that she owns her own property but still has access to the care facilities that are provided by Bield.

She said: “I cannot thank Bield enough for the support I receive while living at John Ker Court.

“It has allowed me to stay independent and live a full life but also gives me that peace of mind that I’m living in a safe and secure environment with professional assistance if I need it.

“I might be partially retired from the job as a midwife but I am determined to pass down all my experience and continue writing to new mothers, giving them the best advice possible.

“Writing books keeps me very busy and the best part is knowing that I am helping to put a lot of expectant mothers’ minds at ease.”

Caroline wrote the majority of her book at her Bield home where she has great support from the community within the service.

With regular coffee and cake mornings, Caroline feels the social side of the development has helped keep her focused and enabled her to write her latest book.

She added: “My husband and I are free to do what we want, when we want but have such a great network of friends and family close by, that we always feel safe.

“As we get older we knew we wanted to live somewhere that we can be independent but still get assistance should we need, which is exactly what this Bield service provides.”

A book signing for the launch of “Do Birth” took place at The Edinburgh Book Shop on May 31st giving fans a chance to meet and greet the midwifery heroine.

Caroline was extremely grateful for the stellar turnout which included a variety of guests from expectant mums and midwives, to Caroline’s friends from John Ker Court.

Aileen Morton, Bield’s Business Support Officer, said: “Caroline is a true testament to being able to achieve what you want at any age.

“At Bield we aim to promote quality care whilst maintaining individual independence and Caroline is the perfect example of our ethos in action.

“We look forward to helping Caroline celebrate the success of her book and continue to support her as she writes using her years of invaluable experience.”

Caroline’s book has not only had support from her friends and family but has already received great reviews from The Guardian and Take a Break Magazine.

The book has also been a hit across the pond with a major American book retailer, Barnes and Noble, now stocking “Do Birth.”


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