The Priory Hospital Roehampton hosts art exhibition


Parallels Exhibition, the PrioryThe Priory Hospital Roehampton is hosting an art exhibition featuring work by award-winning sculptor Jane McAdam Freud and photographer Frank Dabba Smith.

The exhibition, entitled Parallels, will be on display in the hospital’s Clarence Room until August 15 and can be viewed by appointment.

Jane, who is the daughter of celebrated painter Lucien Freud, was the winner of the 2014 European Trebbia Award for artistic achievement and has works in the National Gallery.

The exhibition has come to fruition thanks to Dr Adrian Lord, who is Consultant Forensic and General Adult Psychiatrist at Roehampton, who knows Frank Dabba Smith.

Dr Lord said: “People may think that a hospital, such as The Priory Hospital Roehampton, is an unusual place to host an art exhibition.

“However, art has a positive therapeutic role to play in helping improve the mental health and emotional wellbeing of patients in our care.

“Providing space for two talented artists to exhibit their work at The Priory Roehampton is an extension of our focus on the benefits of art.”

Jane believes a hospital providing treatment for people with mental health issues is an appropriate location to exhibit her creations. She said: “Art and therapy, which is the type of care the Priory Hospital Roehampton provides, are very closely linked in terms of their process.

“Both art and therapy deal in forms outside standard linguistics. The language of therapy and of art, in terms of the art and the viewer, depends on non-verbal communication and is heavily dependent on the reading, transposing and transmission of visual stimuli such as emotional response, reading of signs, symbols, metaphors, and images.”

The exhibition material was developed after Frank asked Jane if she would like to stage an exhibition with him following them both visiting Middle East where Jane provided a series of sculpture workshops.

Jane added: “Frank took photographs of one of my workshop and I made works in response to my experience of the Middle East. We wanted to show these works in an appropriate venue.

“I suggested a hospital that dealt with mental health issues as my works are generally informed by psychotherapeutic concepts and it was Frank, who mentioned the Priory in Roehampton.”

The pieces making up the exhibition harmonise with one another with Frank’s photography focusing on the play of shadows while Jane’s wire sculptures home in on the way light plays on the mesh.  Their works also feature ladder inspired photos and art installations.

Frank said: “Our artworks both complement and contrast with each other. The subject matter is from the same source and has the same starting point – the Middle East. My photos include Jane’s workshop, but in contrast to Jane’s 3D sculptures, I use the 2D medium of photography to express my ideas.”


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