PR opportunity blown out of the water as D Day veteran makes his own way to France


Bernard Jordan veteran of D Day-Care Industry NewsWell, they say you can’t keep a good man down and todays news has certainly proven that. According to the BBC D Day veteran Bernard Jordan had been told he wouldn’t be able to go to France, join his comrades and remember a day that changed history.

The actions of Mr Jordan certainly show a man of determination and pride. That at almost 90 years of age he simply ignored the people who look after him and set off on what is undoubtably going to be his last adventure or maybe not!

The Pines based in Hove and operated by Gracewell have just missed the most wonderful opportunity to raise their already excellent profile by using the D Day celebrations. Once the request from Mr Jordan had been put in they should have simply done their best to achieve the wishes of an elderly man.

They didn’t and their staff told him he couldn’t go.

Look at social media right now and you will see hundreds of people commenting on this story. Members of the public who are already completely sickened by the Panorama stories, the prosecutions and the continous neglect of our elderly in care homes across the UK. Gracewell have been responding to this as positively as possible but it doesn’t change the fact that Mr Jordan still made the trip after being told it wasn’t possible.

The abuse stories do not reflect the care sector but ask the man in the street and they believe all care homes are neglectful; that elderly people across the UK are abused by carers.



The most important fact here is that Mr Jordan is allowed to travel freely to and from his care home. He is of good health¬†but he didn’t ask to join the Tour de France. According to Gracewell Healthcare it was due to his last minute request that they were unable to get him on an accredited tour with the Royal British Legion. This is when somebody should have stepped in and executed a plan that would have shown¬† lengths organisations like Gracewell Healthcare go to every day to secure the welfare of their residents.

Gracewell got this wrong and now they will have to pick up the pieces simply because someone couldn’t be bothered to go the extra mile. There aren’t any excuses, after all a near 90 year old man managed to get to France on his own.

I toast your health Mr Jordan because you are truly an inspiration to every man woman and child. Thank you for your untold bravery. Perhaps the PR machine at Gracewell is already whirling, it should be. I certainly couldn’t sleep before commenting.

Just imagine if they’d booked his trip and got him there, wouldn’t that have made a great story!


  1. Shameful that they did not make the effort to get Bernard to France.
    Once again care homes let themselves down.

    I wonder how many more Bernards there are in care homes up and down the country?

    • Agreed Mark-The point is there will be 1000’s of people in care homes today that lived through the war. Each and everyone has a unique and important story to tell. Every care home should be checking out these worthy news items and spreading the good word. Hi-lighting the fact that they bothered and demonstrating the good care that they give.
      The general public just see this story as another ‘poor care’ story when in fact it’s a poor PR story. The public don’t have the time to differentiate between this and the Panorama stories.
      In addition Gracewell have failed to understand the way social media works and until they do any quotes from them are being drowned by a public that are far more cynical and savvy than they realise.


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