PM announces spending on dementia research to double by 2025


Alzheimer's Society-Care Industry News (250 x 153)Government spending on dementia research will be doubled by 2025, Prime Minister David Cameron announced at the Global Dementia Legacy event in London today. The announcement comes after the Prime Minister told the event that new action was needed to achieve last year’s G8 summit pledge of a cure or disease modifying treatment for dementia by 2025.

Alzheimer’s Society comment:    
‘We need nothing less than an all-out fightback against dementia, with our best scientists given the right environment to develop better treatments and ultimately a cure. The Prime Minister’s pledge to once again double research spending is good news and now we need to see industry step up in order to deliver the G8 pledge of a cure for dementia by 2025.
As a society we never shy away from tackling the tough issues in health. Many cancers can now be cured and we need to learn those lessons to deliver the G8 ambition for the millions of people who are at risk of developing dementia both here and worldwide.’
Dr. Alison Cook
Director of External Affairs
Alzheimer’s Society


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