On World Elder Abuse Day Eastenders actress encourages people to speak out


June Brown=Elder Abuse-Care Industry NewsToday is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, most Elder Abuse victims suffer in silence. Actress June Brown launches a new video to encourage people to speak out….

Over 500,000 older people experience abuse each year, with the majority suffering in silence. That’s the result of recent data analysis produced by Action on Elder Abuse, which shows that nearly 90% of elderly victims never reach the attention of adult protection systems. Most victims live in the community, not in care homes or other institutions.


Now Actress June Brown has lent her voice to a new video encouraging people to come forward and talk to the elder abuse hotline (080 8808 8141).


June said, “It is frightening that so many older people endure appalling neglect and abuse without ever getting the support and help that they need. It’s almost like a silent scream from our friends and neighbours that we have to hear. That’s why I’m encouraging people to talk to Action on Elder Abuse. Help is at hand, we just need people to reach out and grasp it.”


Gary FitzGerald, Chief Executive of Action on Elder Abuse, said, “We are delighted that June has supported this video, which has been produced by people touched by the cruelty of elder abuse. We have to break the silence that surrounds this issue, and World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is an excellent time to do it, when countries all around the world unite to voice their opposition to this suffering.


The video can be viewed at http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OJHGMt1XODU

June Brown is an 87 year old English actress


  1. Very many thanks to our Bishop of Truro and his splendid team, including ‘Churches Together’, plus all those organisations, charities and individuals who helped to organise and took part in the recent event at Truro Cathedral and the Truro Methodist Church on Saturday 20 June 2015 which focussed upon all aspects of Dementia and was very well attended

    Thank you, Bishop Tim and Team for all your care, kindness and common sense.

    It was an inspiration which gave us all food for thought and we will be putting all we learned into practice for the good of those whom we serve in our individual capacities throughout our respective localities.

  2. I understand that there has been a meeting between Brian Warwick who chairs the recently renamed ‘South West Network of Seniors’ which attended a meeting with members of Cornwall Council and a number of charities to try to attract some funding for the Carrick Over 50’s Forum which published a sick joke about concentration camps in one of its newsletters, which Brian Warwick who lives in Wiltshire, refused to investigate.

    The Carrick Over 50’s Forum which does not hold charitable status is understood to be soliciting more money with which to print its newsletters which contain some very offensive and racist references.

    It is not known whether Cornwall Council and those charities which have previously contributed to the thousands of pounds which the Carrick Over 50’s Forum has collected over past years, since it was formed, from groups and organisations which appear to have more money than sense.

  3. I have asked Brian Warwick Chairman of the South West Seniors’ Network to investigate the outrageous reference to concentration camps printed in the jokes page of the Carrick Over 50’s Forum’s June edition, as there can be no justification whatsoever for making jocular references to concentration camps. I sent two e-mails to the newsletter’s printers requesting an explanation, which they ignored and the newsletter’s editor is anonymous.
    Watch this space……..

  4. I am extremely disappointed that the South West Seniors’ Network’s Chairman Brian Warwick refuses to investigate the abuse to which I was subjected by a member of the Carrick Over 50’s Forum’s management committee in December 2012 at a Falmouth Hotel, after the Forum’s Christmas Lunch, when I was sworn at in front of hotel staff, Forum members and hotel guests. I sent him an e-mail in which I placed my concerns on record, but his eventual response refusing point blank to investigate, was disappointing and I perceive somewhat of a threat, in which he refers to action being taken against me if I continue to raise my concerns, which I believe is unworthy of anyone who chairs an organisation and it doesn’t say much about the organisation when the chairman tries to gag a lone pensioner with heart problems, which were made worse by the rotten and shabby treatment and abuse which I maintain I was subjected by some members of the Carrick Over 50’s Forum.
    Meanwhile, I have drawn Brian Warwick’s attention to the disgusting attempt by the Carrick Over 50’s Forum’s newsletter’s anonymous editor to make a disgusting joke with a reference to concentration camps in their newsletter for June 2014, which have been distributed in GP’s surgeries, the Royal Cornwall Hospital and public libraries here in Cornwall. I consider it outrageous that anyone could attempt to make a joke about concentration camps.
    This isn’t the first time that the Carrick Over 50’s Forum’s anonymous editor has printed offensive material. In June 2012, the newsletter published a reference to NHS staff using obscene words to describe them.
    The Carrick Over 50’s Forum claims to be involved in a national lottery bid in Cornwall, in partnership with other organisations.
    Meanwhile, I am very grateful to Searchlight whom I have asked to investigate the filthy reference in the newsletter’s joke page referring to concentration camps.
    Frankly, it remains a mystery how some people manage to climb so high in some seniors’ groups, when they fail to apply their minds to protecting the welfare and interests of those whom they are supposed to serve.

  5. I am very grateful to the Editor/Moderator for allowing me the space to make my points and inform the public of matters which I believe are in the public interests, despite attempts by some people in Cornwall and the South West of England to cover up some disturbing facts and figures.

    I was absolutely disgusted to see a reference to concentration camps in the jokes page of the June 2014 edition of the Carrick Over 50’s Forum’s newsletter, whose Editor’s identity is anonymous and appears to be a state secret.

    There could be no justification whatsoever for any mirthful or jocular reference to concentration camps and it’s utterly outrageous.

    There is a suggestion that the Carrick Over 50’s Forum which claims to represent the interests of all those aged 50 and over throughout the Carrick area of Cornwall, may receive a grant or funding to produce its newsletters and if this is the case, I think the public have a right to know from what source such money is from.

    The newsletter complete with its sick and filthy joke about concentration camps is distributed in at least one NHS hospitals in Cornwall, as well as various doctors’ surgeries and libraries, as well as being mailed out to Forum members.

  6. I was subjected to elder abuse when I was publicly sworn at by a committee member of the Carrick Over 50’s Forum after their Christmas Lunch at a Falmouth Hotel in December 2012, which was witnessed by other Forum members, staff and hotel guests.
    The Carrick Over 50’s Forum has been operating for several years on grants and handouts from Cornwall Council and a number of charities, including AGE UK and other organisations, which kept it going and appear reluctant or unwilling to investigate complaints, including one regarding a so-called human rights group, called ‘Our Rights Our Voices’ which was purported to have been set up in Falmouth by the Carrick Over 50’s Forum, with funding from AGE UK and Comic Relief.
    Mystery surrounds this so called human rights group, whose members appear reluctant to disclose their identities, or news of their meetings.
    I asked the Carrick Over 50’s Forum for more diverse ethnicity to be represented amongst its committee, but my request was ignores and my membership terminated after I repeatedly requested to see the Forum’s accounts.
    I was informed that I would not be welcome to attend the Forum’s future lunches as a guest, as they were private functions, so why has this private lunch club been financed for so long with public and charity monies, totalling thousands of pounds?
    I have reported my concerns to Volunteer Cornwall, Cornwall Healthwatch, the Chair of Cornwall’s NHS and Devon and Cornwall Police, as there appear to be some matters of concern regarding the Forum’s finnces.
    Watch this space for further developments………….

  7. Age Uk charity covers up elder abuse.
    So does Cornwall Council.
    Will Volunteer Cornwall also ignore what’s been going on, I wonder?


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